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Success Stories

In recent years, part of the supplier performance (in alphabetical order):
China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., Luoyang coin safe
Luoyang City military sub-district gun cabinets, safes
Luoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau gun cabinet
Yanshi City Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Safe
Sanmenxia City Credit Union vault doors, gun cabinets
Luoyang City, China Telecom branch coin safe
Jiayuguan City, the Great Wall Hotel safe
Wuhan Public Security Bureau gun cabinet
71352 troops of PLA gun cabinet
Hami City, 94,198 troops, 77 detachments gun cabinet
Shanxi Province, the intersection of Municipal Public Security Bureau safe
Xinxiang City military sub-district gun cabinet
The China Railcom Changsha branch safe
Xuchang City, XJ Group Safe
Hengyang City radio Plant Safe
Hengyang mobile communications company safe
The Chinese aviation lifesaving Institute safe
China Construction Bank, Changsha iron silver subbranch safe
China Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Hebi branch safe
Anhui Telecom Company Bengbu Branch safes, coin cabinet