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Safe hidden functions

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The so-called safe has another name is buried treasure box, are generally not as private as possible, so as the safe of the hidden treasure, how to put the best hidden?
First of all need to make sure you buy safe size, small size fit into the wall ark cabinet at any position, large size is the best choice into the tank.
In choosing a good size hole can be started after digging out the size is suitable for the safe but slightly larger holes, in small size, safe around glue into the cement, tightly closed and the gaps between the wall safe.
Stay safe panel, placed in front of the panel furniture such as chest, can keep out, of course, if some more to be a secret can also be opening to the outside of the safe deposit box on a door, wall color as color appearance, can do a perfect hiding, put on the furniture is quite safe. But use is not very convenient, please choose carefully.
For big size, are generally on the floor or placed on the chest plate, due to the heavy weight and large volume, not do hide. Therefore, in the big size safe installation,
Need to consider the room layout, the wall is difficult, can consider into the ark, because the installation of the expansion of the screw is longer, may through the chest, can also be into the wall.
Hidden appearance is very important, one of the hidden one of the best I have ever seen is a hidden underground in sofa, ground buckle a hole hole in a safe, to fill the gaps, completely intact and the ground, not a acosmia feeling,
And will be placed above the sofa, have the effect of can't walk, no one will pass by, so this is the safest place.

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