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The development of safe abroad

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Safe has a history of 1000 years in Europe. With the increase of material wealth, people want to use the illicit close space to keep the wealth, so there will be a with a hoop straps with thick strong wooden case (s), it is safe.
Chichester cathedral in Britain retains the is considered to be the oldest safe, old wooden box, there are 9 feet long, 2 feet high and two feet deep, made by 2 inches thick boards, with a hoop straps. In medieval European paintings, also have a metal and wood cabinets, used to store the gold and silver jewelry. But such a safe security is low.
Until the end of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century, safe for the growth of social wealth and the reality of the market demand. In Britain, France, some European lock manufacturer has focused on safe industry. At that time, the safe have sprung up successively appeared.
Founded in 1818, the British CHUBB safe in London (in nearly 200 years later, CHUBB industry leading) has become a safe. In 1825, the French FICHE - BAUCHE company set up... These vendors are then began to make safe.
Because wood is safe security, these companies began to develop safe. Such as copper safe, the iron safe and iron box. Safe material has changed from wood to all kinds of solid metal, but to use wood basic joggle technology or integrally cast, no matter from the appearance and process with the furniture, lock the degree of precision is not high also.
Around 1827, the British ThomasMilner (used to be Britain's biggest maker of insurance) began to make a kind of by both internal and external layer of tin plate and plate making, including outer between consist of hard wood, sawdust and alum mixed material of thermal conductivity of safe. This is also the earliest fire-proof safe.
On the development of safe: wood + iron hoop - iron - steel plate + + rivet drilling hard steel and steel plate to multiple steel plate + + concrete composite materials.
With the rapid development of security industry, many manufacturers with a long history the has become diversified security system for the business enterprise. Digital, diversified, three-dimensional security system has entered people's life, but safe is still against the system an important part of at the same time because of the division of functions, safe is more and more widely in the family. A long history of home safe, will still continue.

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