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The great use of a fingerprint safe deposit box

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Our daily use of fingerprint safe deposit box is a fingerprint can open, but now there is a can use two fingerprints to open the safe, and love is safe, it means that access goods must pass the consent of the other party.
What's the meaning of this design?
First of all, a family, the couple for property preservation has been controversial, now, families are generally under the custody of the hostess, the male host will not keep property qualifications? Both sides should not watch alone, both sides of husband and wife should be fair to keep and use property of light.
When the function of fingerprint to open a open, this will open a door for fingerprint safe deposit box is a new door.
In the original single fingerprint open programs, and added a fingerprint, so what is the double fingerprints on experience?
Slide open the fingerprint, the finger directly into the optical fingerprint sensor acquisition, induction on electrical system for fingerprint verification, validation, OLED prompt please verify second fingerprints open voice has corresponding voice prompt, the second fingerprint verification through, magnets, cupboard door open.
Two fingerprints open, need to both sides are present on the spot, only one party can't be open. For double fingerprint to open the market reaction is different, there are also in favor of the opposition, as most of them are discovered property management can't see the treasure strong event blindly. Against the are not convenient, attitude to because out of the need to both sides is present, if there are special circumstances but can't take the things what should I do?
But I want to say, if it is really need to move to the safe of the contents, it is no small matter, each other why not there?

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