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After-Sales Service

Your satisfaction is our goal!
Professional sales team
A sales consultant with a wealth of experience, we can fully understand the customer's needs and to provide you with professional advice, to develop a reasonable program.
Customer Service Center
To set up a free hotline, Anjou and simple channel of communication between the customer and the professional handling of customer complaints, repair and maintenance to customers for product introduction and customer return visit.
The timely sale of services
The company with the best packaging and transportation home delivery, placed in place. Professionals to site installation, commissioning products.
The company sells the products will be implemented "three guarantees" within one year, the cost of repair parts such as purely the product quality problems, the company will give the exchange, within five years, such as the customer reason cause product quality problems, the company free maintenance, but appropriate to charge costs. The Group unit purchase ancillary products, and to follow the terms of the "three guarantees", the company will provide long-term follow-up service: the product
1, will send a professional and technical personnel to the on-site installation, commissioning, until the customer satisfaction;
2, keep in touch with customers and confirm if they have any problem about the operation of product every three months ,so as to improve our quality continuously.
3, the company strictly fulfill the commitment of the after-sales service, the complete elimination of the worries of the users of the company's products.
4, For all the products for sale all over the country, user`s personal information should be registered and kept in time ,so the tracing service could be guaranteed if trouble occurred.